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Pump to fire
Holds up to 12 fluid ounces (354 milliliters)
Blasts water up to 38 feet (11 meters)

We thought the fight against the zombies was over – until they started fighting back! Deliver a soaking strike with the Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike Revenge Infector water blaster. Fill the blaster with water, and deal a drenchifying defense against the zombies. Pump to fire water up to 38 feet (11 meters). The tank holds up to 12 fluid ounces (354 milliliters). Zombie defenders, take aim with the Infector water blaster to push back the zombie invasion!

Includes water blaster.

Ages 6 and up
CAUTION: Do not aim at eyes or face. TO AVOID INJURY: Use only clean tap water.

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