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Unleash the rapid-fire fury of the Mega RotoFury blaster! This long-range blaster can launch your darts up to 90 feet. Who will withstand your attack when you can fire up to 10 Mega Whistler Darts at your target with the rotating drum without reloading? The Whistler Darts will scream through the air as you dominate the battlefield with the rapid-firing Mega RotoFury blaster!

Includes blaster, 10 Mega Whistler Darts and instructions.

Mega RotoFury blaster fires Mega Whistler Darts up to 90 feet
Includes 10 Mega Whistler Darts
Rotating drum fires 10 darts at a time without reloading
Slam-fire action
Mega Whistler Darts scream through the air

Ages 8 and up

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