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Fire fast or long with the NERF DART TAG SNAPFIRE 8 blaster! This compact blaster puts customizable power in the palm of your hand. Just use the Dial Force System selector to choose fast, short-range fire or long-range blasting. Whichever mode you choose, the blaster’s Trigger Force Technology lets you keep firing without cocking; just keep pulling the trigger! Load up your blaster with the included 8 DART TAG Darts and then get in the game. With the SNAPFIRE 8 blaster, the tactical advantage is yours!

Blaster holds 8 DART TAG Darts. Choose fast, short-range fire or long-range blasting! No cocking; just pull the trigger and keep firing! DART TAG Darts stick to DART TAG jerseys (sold separately) for easy scoring.

SNAPFIRE 8 blaster comes with 8 DART TAG darts and instructions.

Ages 8 and up.

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CAUTION: To Avoid Injury: Use only darts designed for this product. Do not modify darts or dart blasters.
CAUTION: Do NOT aim at eyes or face.